.we do

consulting, implementation, training and support professional services in a designed, and structured manner.

.our approach

we first seek to understand your current environment, approach, and requirements, make recommendations, and then socialise, secondly to plan the way forwards, outline roadmap with individual implementation projects, thirdly to implement, and test, and lastly to deliver, and transition to post-implementation support process. This can be as simple or complex, depending on your requirements.

.discover, design & plan

we will do a discovery assessment and recommendations, focussing on your current environment and recommendations, socialise findings, and jointly design the most appropriate pathway forwards, and then plan the implementations in accordance with a roadmap, and project management process.


implementations will be done per an agreed project plan, with tasks, clear dates and deliverables. Implementation for the core PlatformStay product will usually be in a pre-production User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment, which can run in parallel with your existing setup.


testing will usually take the form of parallel testing with your existing environment, especially if you are using a statutory Trust account, once key test milestones are confirmed, the system is ready to be “delivered”


delivery is the transition of the UAT environment to production,  deprecation of the old system, and transition to post implementation support process.

.our approach

we provide consulting, implementation, training and support professional services utilising a designed, and structured approach.


healthcheck, tailored business performance reviews, discussion papers, capability roadmaps, implementation, integrations, program and project management.


PlatformStay product, advanced custom marketing/reservations website powered by the PlatformStay product, third party solution integration. 


in use of the PlatformStay product, custom responsive marketing/reservations website.


implementation support, ongoing post-implementation support.