.we are

a specialist property management (short and long stays) software and consulting company, with a focus on maximising the ease of operation, performance and profitability of your accommodation business in the digital economy, through the leverage of more efficient processes and solutions enabled by the powerful Stay Platform (PlatformStay).

.we know

as an operator of a property management business ourselves, how to set up and run a lean, and highly efficient property management operation covering, premises and financial management, reservations management, channel and marketing management, and stakeholder management, amongst others.

.premises and financial management

efficient realtime premises lifecycle management, and financial transaction (including Statutory Trust Account), lifecycle management, powered by the Stay Platform.


efficient realtime reservations relationship lifecycle management, powered by the Stay Platform.

.channel and marketing management

optimising ADR/RevPAR, via advanced custom responsive marketing/reservation websites with maps, room details, pricing, availability real-time integration with third party channels, powered by the Stay Platform.

.stakeholder management

real time two-way stakeholder (i.e auditor, agents, guests, owners, and suppliers, amongst others) lifecycle management, powered by the Stay Platform.

.we do

consulting, implementation, training and support professional services in a designed, and structured manner.


healthcheck tailored business and operational performance reviews, discussion papers, capability development roadmaps, implementation, integrations, program and project management. 


Platformstay product, Advanced Custom Marketing/Reservations Website powered by the PlatformStay product, third party solution integration.


in use of PlatformStay product, advanced responsive custom marketing/reservations website, amongst others.


implementation support, ongoing post-implementation support. 

.why us

clients choose us due to our focus on business results, a proven world class software platform, and our friendly and professional service.

.focus on business results

in addition to world class software,  can also assist towards optimising business results in a  fast changing digital environment. 

.world class software platform

engineered, clean and easy to use design, accessible 24/7 from any device, scalable, single dedicated instance facilitating ability to interface/integrate with existing business systems, easy start product options, i.e start with a Lite version with responsive website with maps, and add functionality, per your requirements.


happy referenceable clients. 

.friendly and professional

we treat each client as a valued partner, and use a professional engagement driven approach to delivering results.

.our clients

Apartment Stay Pty Ltd, www.apartmentstay.com.au, a boutique luxury apartments operator, focussing on apartments in top quality buildings on the central Gold Coast.